How to Survive Third Year of Optometry School

After completing third year I composed few tips for those of you embarking on third year on how best to survive and enjoy it.

1. Do not stress

Part 1 of National Boards is one the things optometry students fear the most at the beginning of third year. But do not stress because part 1 of National Boards is as stressful as you make it.Don’t do what I did. I thought I have to spend every second preparing and studying. But let me tell you that it is the quickest way to burn yourself out while studying.

Make sure that you take breaks. Go watch an episode on Netflix but also make sure you find balance while studying. Because continuing on and not letting yourself to disconnect will just burn you out.

Find the balance and make sure you’re staying healthy, eating well and doing exercise will also help you to de-stress.

2. Be confident

3rd year is also the start of you seeing patients and that could be a little scary at first. A 5 year old suddenly becomes scary person because you’re too scared to touch them. I want to tell you, be confident. You spent the last 2 years learning and absorbing a lot and preparing for it. You know what you’re doing so TRUST YOURSELF. Never doubt yourself because you’ve prepared for this.

If there is something in your chair that you dont recognize it but you have a gut feeling about. Just go for it. Just be confident because when your confidence is where it needs to be, it radiates through your actions. Always trust yourself but if there’s something you don’t know, don’t be scared to ask a clinician or your professor. Because when you do, you will definitely learn from them.


3. Attend conferences

3rd year is probably the best year to start attending conferences if you haven’t done so already because you can get a good grasp of everyday life in the clinic life. It’s going to be like how you know what it’s like to see patients every day.Be creative! You are   going  to go start exploring what you want to do with your career. You are going to know whether  you go for Pediatrics or corporate or whatever it is, go explore  and to go to these conferences.                                                                                           

I definitely think it changes whenever you go to these things you can walk away with different perspectives and opinions.

Those are my top three tests for thirty years on how does a survivor man can enjoy it. Best of luck!

Bianca Augustino

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