Practice Metrics: Capturing Your Capture Rate

Dr. Kristin O’Brien, Director of Optometric Professional Development of Optometric Insights bringing it to you live again from Puerto Rico! Today I’d like to talk to you about your capture rate for glasses and contact lenses. This is the number of patients who, if eligible to, purchase glasses or a year supply of contacts, or both. It is important to know these numbers because if patients are walking out of your office without purchasing then you are losing money and opportunity. The simple way to calculate your capture rate is deciding the number of sales (contact lens years supplies or glasses sales) by the number of comprehensive exams. This will hopefully give you a percentage close to 100, meaning that all patients are purchasing with you. If you find your capture rate on contact lens years supplies to be low, it would allow you to focus on this area of your practice to market, offer a month long promotion, additional staff training or other resources to help improve this area. Knowing how many of your glasses patients you are keeping in house is very important, especially with the threat of online retailers. It’s not something I lose sleep over in my practice because I know that 90% of my patients purchase with me. If you have a low glasses capture rate, consider changing the doctor/optician handoff, reassessing your frame selection and pricing structure for your demographic, and look deeply at your internal sales team, are they as passionate about eyecare and Eyewear as they need to be? Much more to come on important metrics to track in your practice. See you next time!

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