Optometric Insights: Career Coaching for Optometry Students

Optometric Insights is a career coaching service offered to optometry students. As the founder of Optometric Insights, we envisioned a service providing timely information for optometry students that would help them build the best solid foundation for creating the most successful optometry careers.

When we look back at the timeline of our education, we spent a number of years and a number of dollars investing into our professional careers and setting up an optometry practice. Starting from elementary and high school and then our undergraduate studies and finally what culminated into optometry school.

Optometric Insights will help maximize the trajectory of success for you, and provide much of the information that we felt we wanted to know when we look back at our time in optometry school. This is insight by optometrist, for optometrists. What it really boils down to is creating a solid foundation for the creation of a successful career by providing timely insights on the information that will benefit you on your path to developing a solid career.

E-Insights is one of the tools and strategies that we offer for optometry students. There’s a monthly electronic newsletters that highlights events, resources and coaching insights that we feel will help you prepare in transition to practice.

– Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. David Kading

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