CLS Practice Pearls: The First Contact Lens Fit, From a Patient’s Perspective

I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into. I walked into the office thinking that this was going to be like every other healthcare appointment I’d had. I filled out my forms, answering some very off-the-wall and even personal questions. Why did they need to know about my height, weight, and social drug use? I waited for 17 minutes until I was told that they were going to “get me ready.” Ready for what?

Then I had to stick my head in some odd machines, had some uncomfortable things done to me, and after 19 more minutes, I finally met the woman whom I had come to see. My optometrist was new to the office that I had been going to for years. She asked me more questions, and even though I am 52 years old, she asked me whether I had ever considered contact lenses. I explained that I had when I was 25, but was told I couldn’t wear them because of my football-shaped eyes. She said that there are lenses that can be worn part time if I don’t want to wear them every day, and it might be nice for when I play golf and go hunting (Wow, she actually read the forms that I filled out).

I opted to try it, and she told me that we could “do it today.” Wait…today?! Oh my, what was I in for? We talked about my glasses and about the contact lenses that I would be trying. Next, we proceeded to an area where I was to learn how to “apply and remove” them. Holy cow, I’m about to put something in my eye…

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