CL Spectrum: Your Problems are Obvious – Sometimes

Between 50% to 94% of patients reporting to their eye-care provider do so because of issues that they are having with their contact lenses (Dumbleton et al, 2013). And what are those issues? Discomfort and dryness have been reported to account for the top two reasons (Riley et al, 2006).

I have a hard time believing these numbers. But, I have to admit, perhaps I have been missing the point all along. Do you realize that nearly half of all contact lens wearers are under the age of 34 years old? The percentage of the population wearing contact lenses drops steadily with age after 34 years old, with only 13% of patients over the age of 55 still wearing their contact lenses (Nichols, 2015, Figure 1). You’re probably thinking the same thing that I’m thinking: “Oh no, not my patients. I refit them into better contact lenses and keep them in lens wear.”

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